The Most Popular Kids’ Toys in 2017

kids playing

Kids love toys especially as gifts during the holiday season. Toys are not only important for learning and development but also act as a source of entertainment. Parents consider play and toys as a way of keeping children busy and distracted because kids are naturally stubborn and demand a lot of attention. However, kids will love not just any type of toy. Toys have age recommendations and parents, as well as those buying toys for kids, should consider the suitability of a given type of toy to the age of the child. These are some of the most popular kids’ toys in 2017:

Battery-Powered Toys

Battery-powered toys are some of the most popular toys in 2017. They include monster truck toys, race car toys, and ride-on. These toys have been a hit with kids because they are designed using modern technology to enhance functionality. Monster trucks and race cars are more popular with boys than girls. However, ride-on toys are loved by both boys and girls. Battery-powered toys are also popular among the current generation of kids because they reflect the important role that technology continues to play in the world today. It is essential to purchase a battery-powered toy that is recommended for the kid’s age to ensure that he or she drives as much fun as possible from the toy.

Cartoon-Themed Toys

yudaKids love cartoons, and it is, therefore, no surprise that cartoon-themed toys have been significantly popular in 2017. These toys are mostly suitable for kids below the age of five years. Getting your kid a toy of his or her favorite cartoon character will likely lead to unparalleled delight.

Inventor Kits

These toys arouse the curiosity of kids and are also suitable for their learning and development. Inventor kits have been popular in 2017 and can serve as ideal toy gifts for children during the holiday season.

Board Games

Board games are popular even among adults. However, there are board games specifically designed for kids, and they have been popular in 2017. Check the label on the packaging to ensure that the board game purchased is suitable for your kid. Since these games highly depend on the cognitive ability of children, age suitability is a key factor to consider.

Sports Toys

Sports toys mainly point to one thing; fun. These toys are suitable for outdoor play and can be used to encourage children to engage in physical activity. Sports toys have been popular in 2017 because they get children to play together. Some of these toys include hover balls, basketball sets, and toddler golf sets.

Kitchen Toys

play stoveChildren love to engage in pretend-play. Kitchen toys enable kids to participate in pretend play and have fun. Examples of these toys include toy kitchen sets and cooking play sets. Kitchen toys are suitable for kids of both gender but are more popular among girls than boys. These toys have been immensely popular in 2017.

These are some of the most popular kids’ toys in 2017. Toys are good for the growth and development of children because they encourage learning and physical activity. It is critical that you purchase toys that are suitable for the age of the child.…