What would you go for: A desktop PC or a laptop?


A desktop computer and a laptop differ when it comes to functionality and size. Laptops are way smaller and provide greater convenience. The desktop is the larger alternative which can last longer when the urge for repair or replacement settles in.

Laptops are self-contained units that do not require additional units to operate. To utilize its full potential, one has to buy other accessories that facilitate its operations. There is hardly any difference between the software running on each of their computers.

Why the Size Distinction?

The first thing anyone notices when comparing desktops to laptops is the size. Laptops come in fully set with disk drives, hard drives, monitor, wireless modem, mouse, keyboard, and so much more. The main attribute of the laptop is the portability which makes it easily fit in a briefcase.

The only exterior accessory that one must have is the adapter and power cable. The desktop computer has the rectangular box referred to as a tower, where hardware is contained. Other external components are a wireless router, keyboard, external monitor, mouse, and many others. All these components assembled occupy a significant amount of space.



The way in which the desktop or the laptop are powered differs. Laptops primarily run on rechargeable batteries. When the power in the batteries is close to completion, the user plugs the machine into a power source for recharge.

The ability of any user to use the laptop while it’s running on battery power gives it the flexibility that a desktop cannot. The desktop runs on the energy from a direct power source connection. On purchase of a desktop computer, the owner will have to identify a convenient place to have it set up and plugged in accordingly.

Can It Be Upgraded?

When the desktop computer is upgraded, the user can easily have the component installed. For instance, installing graphics, a new power source, sound card, graphics card, RAM, or other hardware. All this can be simply installed without having to take it for repairs.

Laptops, on the other hand, are more difficult to upgrade. Much of their internal hardware is impossible to access. This begins with their removal and extends to replacement. This creates a spike in the laptop repair and upgrades costs resulting in an expensive situation.

Speed Test

Back in the day, if you were after speed, the desktop computer was the answer. As of recently, the laptop and desktop match when it comes to speed. The only point of contention arises when it comes to gaming. The gaming laptops do not match the gaming desktop PCs when it comes to speed and power.


The main specs to look at when buying laptops or desktop PCs are their hard drives, RAM, CPU, graphics adapter, and hard drives. The CPU is the heartbeat of the computer while the RAM is the space where everything is loaded. Laptops generally have lower specs than their desktop PC counterparts.


Laptop vs. Desktop Consensus

When buying a computer, often the decision to go for their desktop PC or the laptop will depend on your financial capability. The desktop is more stationary than your laptop and usually occupies a given room within your home. Laptops offer more versatility due to their portability and inbuilt hardware architecture.…

The Most Popular Kids’ Toys in 2017

kids playing

Kids love toys especially as gifts during the holiday season. Toys are not only important for learning and development but also act as a source of entertainment. Parents consider play and toys as a way of keeping children busy and distracted because kids are naturally stubborn and demand a lot of attention. However, kids will love not just any type of toy. Toys have age recommendations and parents, as well as those buying toys for kids, should consider the suitability of a given type of toy to the age of the child. These are some of the most popular kids’ toys in 2017:

Battery-Powered Toys

Battery-powered toys are some of the most popular toys in 2017. They include monster truck toys, race car toys, and ride-on. These toys have been a hit with kids because they are designed using modern technology to enhance functionality. Monster trucks and race cars are more popular with boys than girls. However, ride-on toys are loved by both boys and girls. Battery-powered toys are also popular among the current generation of kids because they reflect the important role that technology continues to play in the world today. It is essential to purchase a battery-powered toy that is recommended for the kid’s age to ensure that he or she drives as much fun as possible from the toy.

Cartoon-Themed Toys

yudaKids love cartoons, and it is, therefore, no surprise that cartoon-themed toys have been significantly popular in 2017. These toys are mostly suitable for kids below the age of five years. Getting your kid a toy of his or her favorite cartoon character will likely lead to unparalleled delight.

Inventor Kits

These toys arouse the curiosity of kids and are also suitable for their learning and development. Inventor kits have been popular in 2017 and can serve as ideal toy gifts for children during the holiday season.

Board Games

Board games are popular even among adults. However, there are board games specifically designed for kids, and they have been popular in 2017. Check the label on the packaging to ensure that the board game purchased is suitable for your kid. Since these games highly depend on the cognitive ability of children, age suitability is a key factor to consider.

Sports Toys

Sports toys mainly point to one thing; fun. These toys are suitable for outdoor play and can be used to encourage children to engage in physical activity. Sports toys have been popular in 2017 because they get children to play together. Some of these toys include hover balls, basketball sets, and toddler golf sets.

Kitchen Toys

play stoveChildren love to engage in pretend-play. Kitchen toys enable kids to participate in pretend play and have fun. Examples of these toys include toy kitchen sets and cooking play sets. Kitchen toys are suitable for kids of both gender but are more popular among girls than boys. These toys have been immensely popular in 2017.

These are some of the most popular kids’ toys in 2017. Toys are good for the growth and development of children because they encourage learning and physical activity. It is critical that you purchase toys that are suitable for the age of the child.…

Products that can help eradicate mice and rats


Having the different types of mice and rats in your home could be very stressful for you and your family as getting rid of them is extremely difficult. They can cause damages to your home and may also pose health risks to all the people living in your house. For this reason, it is important that you act as soon as possible.

From the very first time you see a mouse or rat running around your dwelling place, you should find the best way to eliminate these pests. Otherwise, they will just keep on multiplying, and the task of eradicating them could get a lot harder.

How to get rid of mice and rats

There are various methods that you can use to eliminate mice and rats. You can make use of the natural ways such as cleaning your environment, sealing any cracks or holes, and keeping leftover food properly. On the other hand, there are also some products that you can buy to help make your home sweet home free from these destructive and disease-carrying creatures.

Here is a list of the products that you should take note of the next time you shop for pest control items;


hdhd74If you are looking for an inexpensive product to get rid of mice and rats, then mothballs will come in handy. You should put them in the areas wherein mice are most likely to thrive such as the attic, garage, basement, under the sink, and trash cans. It would also be good if you carefully inspect your home and look for holes or cracks that may serve as entry points for these creatures. If you find such, then you can put mothballs in these areas as well.

When using mothballs, you should be very cautious as these contain toxic substances. Make sure that you don’t put them in places where there is poor ventilation.

Peppermint essential oil

This is another useful product that you can utilize if you have problems with mice and rats in your house. When shopping for this type of essential oil, make sure that it is pure. Otherwise, it won’t be effective in the eradication of pests. The good thing about this product is that you can use it indoors or outdoors, and it is also safe for you and your family members including domestic pets.

Mouse trap

hdhd74A mouse trap is another essential item that you should include on your shopping list if you want to effectively get rid of the mice running around your home. There are different types of mouse traps available these days. You can use an electric mouse trap, plastic snap traps, and many more. As a general rule, make sure that you take a look at the pros and cons of these products, and choose the best one.…

Signs you need a new computer


It is always pleasant to get new computer hardware and software, and in the process improve one’s productivity. The truth is, if you were lucky enough to own a computer a few decades ago, it is entirely useless in the contemporary computation space. Going by Moore’s law, it is easy to predict that computers will continue to improve and become more powerful. It is, therefore, crucial to know when to ditch your old computer and go for something newer, with better performance to improve your productivity. Below are some tips that you probably need a new computer.

Pointers that you need a new computer

You cannot update to the latest operating systemkjdjkasbkjvdbkjsdbvkbasdvbkjsabdvkjbskajdbvasdvsadv

The easiest way to tell that your computer is being phased out is when you cannot install the latest operating system. In most cases, you can quickly change some hardware, for instance, install more RAM, and a bigger hard disk, but is some cases, it is impossible, simply because the machine is timeworn. Therefore, if this is the case, then you better get a new computer and keep up with the latest technology.

You cannot play modern games

If you are a gamer, then playing the latest games is very important to you, and to be able to do so, you have to get hardware that can keep up with the computational needs. To ensure that you get the best gaming experience you have to get a computer with a powerful processor and graphics card. The easiest way to tell that your computer is not able to keep up is if it cannot install or play the latest games. If you want to enjoy gaming, it is simply time to get a new computer.

It breaks down every time

If you are spending more time fixing your computer more that using it, then that is the most obvious indicator that you need to buy a new computer. Most people are still using old computers because some of the tasks that they do are not so demanding, for instance, typing and editing documents. However if you spend the better part of your week fixing crashes and other problems, it is better to get a newer machine and save yourself a lot of valuable time.

It makes noises

You have to make sure that your computer runs smoothly. You should never ignore any noises, and should be taken to a repair shop as soon as possible. If there is nothing the repair technician can do, then you better get a new one. Because that is a sign that it is going to break down soon.

Qualities of a good shaving machine


Shaving is an endeavor that probably every man will come to undertake on a regular basis, and when the time comes, it is good to have the right tool to do it. Technology has brought us a lot of awesome inventions, and among these brilliant creations, is the shaving machine, making shaving a very comfortable and probably enjoyable process for everyone. It is, therefore, crucial for everyone to take some time and choose the best shaving equipment. The selection process is not very easy and requires someone to be well informed. Below are some pointers on how to select the perfect shaving machine.

Choosing the perfect shaving machine


It is important to ensure that you are comfortable with the power mode of the shaving machine that you get. For instance, a battery powered one might be appropriate especially if you are a person that travels a lot. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that you choose wisely. The main options are obviously battery powered, wall mount power, or rechargeable, so choose carefully.


A shaving machine is a very sensitive device and will work better if it is well maintained. However, the maintenance requirements vary from machine to machine; it is therefore very crucial to make sure that you get a machine that is built to have very little maintenance needs. Going for the best brands will ensure that you get a machine that has a steady build and will require very little maintenance.


Regarding the latter point, it is crucial to go for a shaving machine that has a characteristic that offers self-cleaning, meaning that you will have no need to open it up every once in a while to clean it. And overall, a machine that has numerous features is always better and should be given more consideration. Just remember to check for the price.


And obviously, you have to take the cost into consideration. Make sure that you take some time to understand the machine thoroughly, then determine if the price they are offering is right.
Good thing is that there are so many platforms to choose from, hence creating some competition, and better prices for the consumers.


While not so important, yojnajksdbkjbsadvbkjsdbvkjsadvasdvu can always use the size to determine if a machine is suitable for you. The best thing would be to go for a machine that is of the right size and minimal.…